New York City, NY, USA

Monday, July 7th, 02014

New York City. With all its sights, sounds and smells there is so much to take-in in such a short amount of time.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Tuesday, July 1st, 02014

We love Lisbon. We’ve gone there for events, just about every other year. We’ve tapped some of their greatest talent to work on projects with us and we’re partnering artisans to create some of our physical products. This is a look at the city and its culture.

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PaperNet Boarding Pass

Tuesday, May 25th, 02010

In an attempt to infuse some aspects of the Internet into an airlines boarding pass, many lessons where learnt about the airlines industries’ needs and requirements. This is a look from a prototype to a final product of an international airlines printable boarding pass with a touch of useful dynamic data.

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Print on Demand

Tuesday, February 16th, 02010

The world of print has always been too complicated, expensive and elusive for most people, but now under economic pressures, doors that were never available are slowly being pried open so that we can print to a heidelberg just as easy as an inkjet.

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Maps with the road coloring problem

Monday, August 24th, 02009

The road coloring problem builds an algorithm so that at any given point in the graph you can use the exact same set of instructions to get to the destination point. It is possible to model destinations within a city as nodes in a graph. So what would a road coloring look like for tourists and would it be useful?

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