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Formed in 02010, ( is a small privately owned company based in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is loosely made-up of several people who work on various future thinking projects.

We specialise in creating simplifying complex datasets and dashboards for companies like QuizUp and PwC.


Laufásvegur 26,
101 Reykjavik,

Kt. 520521-0540

VAT №. 141140


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

  1. 1st April 02009: Domain Registered
  2. 7th Feb 02011: Slf incorporated (week #1)
  3. 12th May 02021: Ehf incorporated
  4. 14th Jul 02024: Weeknumber #700

Naming things

The official, registered name of the company is Optional Ehf., but it is commonly written as ( including the parenthesis and the "dot" "i" "s" all in lowercase letters. It is pronounced “Optional dot eye ess”. This is to remind people that the domain is not a standard .com, .org or .net, but instead an Icelandic domain and company.


There is no need to include the www in our web address.

For more information, links, photos and logo files visit:


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