Using paper in new ways. Paper has been with us for thousands of years, we shouldn’t get rid of it just yet.


Business Card Notebooks

Never be without a notebook with one the size of a business card. Plenty of wallets, phone cases and other carriers are design with business or credit cards in mind. Why not use that space for a notebook?

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Annual Calendar Posters

It’s another year, time for another printed A0 annual calendar poster.

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SF Symbols Font

Apple recently released SF Symbols font. We got all excited and made ourselves a poster of all the options. Here’s how we and you can do it!

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Bookblock Original

Many, many months ago, we were asked to submit a design for the new Bookblock Original Series of notebooks. We went through our archive and found something interesting and challenging to test. The results are beyond expectation.

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Paper Case Packaging

After years of sitting on some designs, it wasn’t until we received a package that we found-out it wasn’t as unique as we had thought.

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