Privacy Policy

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at our privacy policy. It starts off general which covers all of the apps listed, then gets specific about each one if needed.

As a company in the EEA we are beholden to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we are also selling these via the US App store, so we also keep in mind the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA).


We have several apps in the app store and are continuing to add more here and there. The following apply to atleast these apps:

Download Dashbones on the App Store Download Newsletters on the App Store Download Triagemail on the App Store Download Text Stats on the App Store Download Emoji Calendar on the App Store Download Red Days on the App Store Download Yule Lads Stickers on the App Store Download Floræ on the App Store Download Shipping Forecast on the App Store Download How Far: Iceland on the App Store

Data Collection

None of our apps use 3rd party trackers. We are not logging any activity within our apps on our servers or any others. We have done our best to not know about any of your data or activities. Apple gives us anonymous download counts and some usage based on your device if you opted-in. Otherwise we don’t have any tracking or data collection for any of our apps.

Personal Data

None of our apps require a login to use them.

Triagemail and Newsletters are email applications, which needs your IMAP and SMTP email server credentials to login. These are saved locally and encrypted in the iOS Keychain. None of this information is shared with us or any other 3rd parties.

How Far asks for permission to access your Health information. We use this to derive fun statistics based on how many steps, distance and altitude you have contributed to the Health app. This could be from any other app which saves information to Health. We do not know the source and none of your information leaves the device.

Internet connection required

We do our best to make sure these apps work offline, but that’s not always possible.

Shipping forecast, Triagemail, Newsletters and Dashbones all require an internet connection to fetch additional information. None of this is logged by us, but could be logged by your internet service provider or any public/private WiFi you might be connected too. Newsletters, Triagemail, and Dashbones support encrypted traffic and that is recommended. The Shipping Forecast app simply pulls down an XML feed of the forecast and converts it to Text To Speech (TTS).


Several of our apps are paid-for apps. These are purchased through the Apple App Store. We do not have any information about you, your credit card or location.

Push Notifications

There are two types of push notifications, ones that are triggered locally and others that are sent remotely. None of our apps have remote push notifications. There is no external server tracking your activities (or inactivity) and sending you a push notification.

How Far does use local push notifications. It has observers which listen for updates to the Health app and if that information causes you to complete a badge, it send a local push notification to tell you. Newsletters has the option to display unread messages as a badge on the app. These can always be turned off in the app’s settings.

Contact Information

If anyone has any questions or concerts, you can contact optional@optional.is and we can address them.