You’re doing it wrong

This is a catch-all category for when I complain about your crappy business. You’re doing it wrong is a list of new articles about how to potentially improve your out-dated way of dealing with customers.



We all know we should have backups, but what are you actually doing about it? Here is our setup and, as always, there are improvements to be made.

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PIN Security Scheme

There has been several articles recently about lapses in PIN security, either by poor numeric choices or the ability to snoop on keypresses in new ways. This is a brief article outlining some issues and my own misconceptions about choosing a good PIN.

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Paying for Contrast

In 01957 Diter Roth published magazine ads which reflected the boringness of the companies.

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Name Your Price

🤯 Value-based product pricing. An e-commerce platform experimenting with variable priced based on survey feedback.

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Ninja EDC: Shinobi Rokugu

What can we learn from ninja EDC? They were masters are surveillance and information gathering. What are the modern equivalent of their tools?

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