Week #470-471

Friday, February 21st, 02020

A double weeknote due to a big storm last friday and everything was cancelled.

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Week #469

Friday, February 7th, 02020

A busy week of survey launches and some last-minute map work.

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Week #466-467-468

Friday, January 31st, 02020

A triple weeknote. Mostly surveys prepping for the coming months and top secret projects which should come to light soon!

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Week #461, #462

Friday, December 20th, 02019

A double weeknote catching-up before closing down.

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Week #458, 459, 460

Friday, December 6th, 02019

A triple weeknote. We’ve been under the weather, thanksgiving holidays and lots of little tasks all made it hard to get the time and energy to get some weeknotes out the door.

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