Notes about conference attendance


New York City, NY, USA

New York City. With all its sights, sounds and smells there is so much to take-in in such a short amount of time.

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Lisbon, Portugal

We love Lisbon. We’ve gone there for events, just about every other year. We’ve tapped some of their greatest talent to work on projects with us and we’re partnering artisans to create some of our physical products. This is a look at the city and its culture.

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CERN: Line Mode Browser

CERN is that often overlooked organization which straddles the boarder between Switzerland and France. Home to some of the most complex and sensitive machines humans have ever built, CERN has an amazing amount of technology and smarts. We were there to help document and simulate just one of their small side-projects: The Web.

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Þjóðfundur 02009: data mining a government

On November 14th, 02009, 1200+ Icelanders came together to discuss their vision for the future of their nation. As they spent the day discussion and jotting down their ideas, all of their data was catalogued and index. This information has been made freely available to anyone to further augment, visualize and mine it for more information. So we did.

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