Week #485-486-487

A triple weeknote. Lots happening under the hood: the stealth project is just about out the door and plenty of in-game economic analysis.

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Material: Worldmapper – Benjamin Hennig

Worldmapper is a site which displays maps in a way you’ve probably never expected. Taking old technology of cartography and blending that with the Web produces some new and interesting opportunities.

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Week #372-373-374

The last three weeks have encompassed several sick days and holidays, so we only managed to get writing after getting out from under all the other tasks.

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Diatom Map Art

You know that feeling when you think you’ve seen this before? History and art tend to repeat themselves in ideas, but just in a new context with a new focus.

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Week #196-203

A massive two month weeknote. Probably the longest short post we’ve done. Now the deck is clear for the new year.

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