A brief overview of what’s been happening in the company each week. The number of the weeknote is how many weeks old the company is since inception.


Week #554

We spent the week working on a few internal projects, finalising a few things in Australia and inching closer to launching a secret project.

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Week #553

A facinating look back in the Fluxcapacitor to what we were up too in week 37 in previous years.

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Week #551 & #552

A double weeknote as we get back into a rythym. Projects wrapping-up and experiments abound.

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Week #550

With our return from summer break, we’ve hit the ground running on a slew of projects.

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Week #543 & 544

A double weeknote. The last before the long summer holidays. We’ll still be working here and there, but taking sometime to relax too.

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