Week #465

Friday, January 10th, 02020

A busy first week back, we made a small prototype weaving pattern generator.

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Week #461, #462

Friday, December 20th, 02019

A double weeknote catching-up before closing down.

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Week #458, 459, 460

Friday, December 6th, 02019

A triple weeknote. We’ve been under the weather, thanksgiving holidays and lots of little tasks all made it hard to get the time and energy to get some weeknotes out the door.

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Week #457

Friday, November 15th, 02019

Another busy week of meetings and print prepping

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Week #456

Friday, November 8th, 02019

4-5-6 is a good sequential week number for a weeknote.

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Sections: Weeknotes

A brief overview of what’s been happening in the company each week. The number of the weeknote is how many weeks old the company is since inception.

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