Available For Projects

If you need help with small projects, starting anywhere from 10–100 hours, creating web or iOS-based software and prototypes, contact us. We want to help solve problems with interesting, diverse teams.

We help companies in simple, yet powerful ways to convert messy, out-dated workflows into apps that give a clear picture and visualize data.

Even if you have a small budget or are short on time, we can help to build a fully-functional prototype. This can unlock more budget, more resources and make you the office hero.

Everyone thinks they have the next big idea. Don't waste time and money chasing a dud. Let us prove the viability of your idea first.

Our Work

Over the years we've had the good fortune to work with lots of great companies. From creating dashboards to problem solving, we help with strategy and special projects.

We bring past experience of projects ranging from boarding pass design, natural language text processing and visualizations through to online surveys, analysis and reporting.

Our forecast is chaotic. We are ~10% availabile in Q1 for interesting projects.

If we can help, get in contact and we'll chat.

Material: A Conference exploring the concept of the Web as a material

20+ years of the Web and we are still at the very beginning of understanding and implementing digitization.

For the first time we are facing a generation that never got to know the offline world. By nature they are riding the wave without ever having touched the ground.

We might have unlearned our ancestors' knowledge about materials and crafts, it's easy to overlook the intrinsic characteristics of the Web in favour of the newest framework or boilerplate.

119 attendees, 18 sessions, and 481 minutes of amazing, insightful, thought provoking videos from Wool, Chocolate, Meditation, Photography, Art History and Psycology, the event runs through many disciplines.

Case Studies

We worked with PwC for close to a year to build-up their internal data vizualization team and create beautiful, mobile friendly, internal dashboards.

For UEFA, we created a fully-customizable online calendar tool to follow teams, leagues and events so you'd never miss a game.

At Funding Circle we built a micro-site for each of the 600 constituencies in the run-up an election. Each site showcased Funding Circle's impact.

Working with the team at Burstly, we prototyped several iterations of their popular TestFlight tool and unreleased FlightPath service before they were acquired by Apple.


Week #430

This week we wrapped-up a bunch of survey work and started moving back into our office.

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We follow the AIGA's position on speculative work and do not engage in work for free with the chance of getting paid.

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