Case Studies

These are in depth write-ups of various projects, what worked, what didn’t, how things were thought out and how they were achieved. Some of these will be familiar, some won’t, some successful other not, but their binding thread is that all were worked on by Brian Suda.


Yankee Candles Levels of Abstraction

Following on with the Color Name Abstractions post and the research, we’ve come across another one based on another abstraction.

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Reaching out to customers via automated, interactive, robocalls has improved responses for a fraction of previous costs.

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Spimes: A Happy Birthday Story

Over a year ago, Mike Stenhouse and I wrote and pitched a small piece of design fiction around Spimes. We anchored the discussion around one man’s birthday. In the year since, we’ve flushed out the story a bit more, but it is also amazing how many of these gadgets now exist.

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Survey Archives

As we produce more and more data, we understand how to back it up and archive it, but re-activating it is what almost no one considers. We’re doing our best to preserve and save the state of the entire running system.

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Getting to your minimum hourly rate

If you are starting your business or freelancing, you need to figure out your minimum hourly rate. It isn’t hard, but it probably factors in many more things you never considered. In this article, we’ll create a simple spreadsheet to let you know how to calculate your minimum hourly rate to keep the company afloat.

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