Personal privacy is a spectrum varying by culture and upbringing. These are explorations about some potential issues on privacy to make us more aware of issues and potential problems.


Spimes: A Happy Birthday Story

Over a year ago, Mike Stenhouse and I wrote and pitched a small piece of design fiction around Spimes. We anchored the discussion around one man’s birthday. In the year since, we’ve flushed out the story a bit more, but it is also amazing how many of these gadgets now exist.

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How dark is your data shadow?

Every transaction we make creates a shadow about ourselves. When we use the ATM, we leave a small piece or ourselves behind in the means of a time stamp, a withdrawal in a database, a location. As capture and storage costs asymptotically approach zero, it is easier to just keep everything rather than selectively choose what to trash. The more we do in this electronic world, the larger and darker our shadow becomes and the more potential for data leakage and problems arising.

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