Week #520 & #521

These last 2 weeks, we’ve been prepping 3 new surveys to start along with more survey work and a few proposals in the pipelines.

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Week #364-365-366

Sickness swept through the company and took us down to just the minimal, mission critical tasks these last few weeks. So now we get a triple weeknote looking back over the last 21 days.

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Week #261

Gravitational waves rock the news this week – so we turned them into a ringtone.

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Spimes: A Happy Birthday Story

Over a year ago, Mike Stenhouse and I wrote and pitched a small piece of design fiction around Spimes. We anchored the discussion around one man’s birthday. In the year since, we’ve flushed out the story a bit more, but it is also amazing how many of these gadgets now exist.

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