Week #590, #591, #592 & #593

The last few weeks got away from us. From travel and jetlag to workloads and public holidays, our fridays disappeared! Here is a weeknote recap of the last four weeks. Week #590 This week we published an overview of our backup process. This was both to solicit any feedback, but also let others know where […]

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We all know we should have backups, but what are you actually doing about it? Here is our setup and, as always, there are improvements to be made.

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Week #559 & #560

A double weeknote. A Meta Event, VR updates, strategic mapping, concreters and more.

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Week #554

We spent the week working on a few internal projects, finalising a few things in Australia and inching closer to launching a secret project.

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Survey Archives

As we produce more and more data, we understand how to back it up and archive it, but re-activating it is what almost no one considers. We’re doing our best to preserve and save the state of the entire running system.

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