Week #141

Friday, October 25th, 02013

141 is a palindrome, our favorite kind of number. This week we started way more than we finished, but it’s good to have irons in the fire.

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Pi in the Sky

Sunday, October 20th, 02013

We tried to build an offline survey kiosk using a Raspberry Pi, but ran into a few issues. We’re more knowledgable now about the limitations.

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Week #140

Friday, October 18th, 02013

We had a bit of fun this week testing out some new hardware ideas. While it gets darker and darker each day, the norther lights have come out to impress!

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LEGO Calendar

Tuesday, October 15th, 02013

A single tactile calendar to keep the company in sync is a pipe dream no matter how beautiful it might be.

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Week #139

Saturday, October 12th, 02013

After spending a few days learning about computer security, reviewing some of our own projects we’ve learnt a great deal about issues around security.

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