Several times in my life people have told me certain things were impossible. When pressed for proof, they were unable to cite any sources other than urban legend or “That’s what someone else told me”. So of these claims lead me to conduct some of these experiments, sometimes validating them, other times disproving.


Business Card Notebooks

Never be without a notebook with one the size of a business card. Plenty of wallets, phone cases and other carriers are design with business or credit cards in mind. Why not use that space for a notebook?

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Hot Chocolate Teabags

We like to spice-up our hot chocolate a little. Rather than do it in small batches, it would be better to mix-up a bunch of different powders, spices and special ingredients and package them-up in a way that is suitable for single servings? Well we found our way through some Chinese medicinal tools.

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Pool Numbers

In early 02021, we were at the local swimming pool called Sundhöllin. One of the many rules is to NOT take photos. Sorry, we broke the rules, but for typography reasons, it surely must be allowed.  Painted on the walls were a series of numbers. We’re not sure of the font. Maybe there isn’t a […]

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Golden Ratio Rulers

We made some prototype, laser cut rulers to quickly sketch out grids and boxes which use the golden ratio.

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Red Days

We all look forward to the next holiday, now this is an app to help you count the days left until you can relax.

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