Week #605 & #606

In the year 00605, King Æthelfrith annexes the neighboring kingdom of Deira and the region between the Forth and Humber rivers was to be known as Northumbria. This week also shares its name with 605 Juvisia, a minor planet with a rotation of 15.93h, Interstate 605 (San Gabriel River Freeway) a 27mi freeway running through Los Angeles, and the US 605 Phone Area […]

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Week #569

Happy New Year! We are back and slowly getting up to speed. Now that some admin work is out of the way, we can start to create.

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Week #556-557-558

A triple weeknote covering mostly meetings and internal projects.

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Week #555

5-5-5 is a nice palendromic number! We spent a lot of time this week on internal things; planning, prepping and projects.

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Week #532 & #533

A double weeknote thanks to the start of summer and good weather.

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