Week #607, #608, #609

A triple weeknote because last Friday the office was closed. Week #607 This week’s namesakes are: number 607 is a prime number and sum of three consecutive primes (197 + 199 + 211) and 607 Jenny, a minor planet. This week was lots of internal tasks. We worked more on the Hyperion project and update […]

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Week #605 & #606

In the year 00605, King Æthelfrith annexes the neighboring kingdom of Deira and the region between the Forth and Humber rivers was to be known as Northumbria. This week also shares its name with 605 Juvisia, a minor planet with a rotation of 15.93h, Interstate 605 (San Gabriel River Freeway) a 27mi freeway running through Los Angeles, and the US 605 Phone Area […]

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Week #501

A quick weeknote. There were lots of tech events this week, all of which we kept an eye on as they impact our projects in some way or another.

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Week #487-500

We’re back from a long summer holiday and a bunch of tasks apon return. So this is a quadruple weeknote to make-up for it.

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Week #465

A busy first week back, we made a small prototype weaving pattern generator.

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