long now


Week #141

141 is a palindrome, our favorite kind of number. This week we started way more than we finished, but it’s good to have irons in the fire.

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1,000 year game challenge!

The official submissions for the 1,000 year game state that the rules should not be longer than 1,000 words. Since this was my first foray into game design, I also wanted to publish my thoughts and some of my decisions.

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Millennium Saga

The Millennium Saga is a game which takes 1,000 years to complete. This is my submission to the Thousand Year Game competition. The idea is to get the players to think in the long term, and poetry which takes 1,000 years of compromise, revision and history certain forces you avoid short-term gains.

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The Long Now

The Y2K problem was pop-culture’s initiation into short-term thinking on a global scale. The issue revolved around the 2-digit year, 19__ on checkbooks and in computer databases. When the year 2000 arrived, it broke a lot of code that filled in the __ with 00 making it 1900 instead of 2000. The long now foundation challenges us to think in the longer term, not in years, not in millennium, but in 10s of millennia.

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