Week #140

Friday, October 18th, 02013 at 13:31 UTC

The number 140 is the number of characters the popular social networking service Twitter let you type into a message. This was because of the 160 character constraint of SMS. 140 is also the temporary periodic element Unbibium. The year 140 is the year attributed to “peak-oil” in ancient Rome. The flow of olive oil from Hispania Baetica, one of the Roman Empire’s territories, hit the maximum in this year.

This week has been another busy week. We’ve had several business leads and meetings, some of which will blossom and other won’t, but as the famous saying goes, “50% of my [lead] budget is wasted, I just don’t know which half”. In this year’s Annual Report we should try to break-out some of these activities which aren’t billable and see what percentage of our time is spent on them.

We spent a few days this week tinkering with the Raspberry Pi for an interesting project. It was fascinating to see the ecosystem of different micro-boards, from the Arduino to the Pi to mBed, there is certainly some interesting activity going on in this space and it is something we want to get more into.

In Iceland, the Northern Lights have been amazing this week – when it hasn’t been too cloudy. The city of Reykjavik even proposed to turn off all the city lights for a half-hour to improve the sight seeing. Our office-mates have taken a few time-lapses from outside the city and they came out amazing!

We also had a small blurb in issue #7 of MakeShift Magazine, Crowds. We talked about our work with the 02009 Þjóðfundur where a crowd of people tried to create a set of values they wanted the nation to focus on. From this meeting a new constitutional committee was created to draft a new version for the country.