Week #136-137

Friday, September 27th, 02013

Another busy two weeks which we’re recapping. Lots of little projects, a trip to Switzerland and an International Film Fest.

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CERN: Line Mode Browser

Wednesday, September 25th, 02013

CERN is that often overlooked organization which straddles the boarder between Switzerland and France. Home to some of the most complex and sensitive machines humans have ever built, CERN has an amazing amount of technology and smarts. We were there to help document and simulate just one of their small side-projects: The Web.

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Shishito Peppers

Monday, September 16th, 02013

We certainly don’t have the best of green thumbs, but we did manage to grow some randomly spicy peppers. Now they are ready to eat and the fun begins!

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Weeks #134-135

Friday, September 13th, 02013

Thanks to an incredible conference and travel, we missed week 134, so this is a double weeknote to get back on track.

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Intuitive Design or something else …

Tuesday, September 3rd, 02013

Next time you say “Intuitive” listen to the words exiting your mouth and think. Intuitive is relative to culture, education and past experiences. If you’re entire system relies one some past knowledge, then you’d better have a good system in place to education your readers, but there is a much simpler other option.

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