Being passionate for your work

Friday, February 10th, 02012

Successful companies are the ones who are truly passionate and care about their product and customers. You can see that shine through with companies like TypeKit and FontDeck. They live and breath their passion and it is reflected on the quality of their work.

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What 2D Barcodes aren’t

Wednesday, October 5th, 02011

Over time, 2D barcodes have not lived up to their promise. Rather than push something that solves a non-problem, we can look back at the failures both in implementation, usage and what they were expected to achieve. This is a look into why 2D barcodes never, sadly, lived up to the hype.

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The Great Sea Salt Saleman

Monday, July 11th, 02011

After a run-in with this salesman, it was worth sitting down and analyzing the tactics. The funnel and conversion rate in such an overstimulated, competitive market as a shopping mall fascinate me in the what is needed to cut through to make a pedestrian into a customer.

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Big Mac Index

Friday, February 11th, 02011

As economists struggle to settle on the “right” worth of different currencies, there are some real-world objects with comparable prices across the globe. One such product is the iconic McDonalds’ Big Mac hamburger. Sold in many countries world-wide, it is a quick metric to determine if a local currency is over or under valued.

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Building a better business card

Friday, December 3rd, 02010

The Business Card was the logical extension of the Visiting Card, from a social calling to a business calling. It is amazing that after hundreds of years of giving out contact details about ourselves, we still manage to do it poorly or not at all!

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Sections: You’re doing it wrong

This is a catch-all category for when I complain about your crappy business. You’re doing it wrong is a list of new articles about how to potentially improve your out-dated way of dealing with customers.

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