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NFC Business Cards

After seeing a commercial for some new fangled NFC business card, we went and figured out how it works and made our own.

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Week #644 & #645

A double-weeknote covering some exploration projects, a new public holiday and bug fixes.

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Week #461, #462

A double weeknote catching-up before closing down.

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Semi-Spimed Bananas

You got spimes in my banana! A really simple way to track and see where your food originated and the beginnings of something much larger.

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What are 2D Barcodes?

The world of barcodes is truly black and white. These tiny print-outs of lines and dots act as physical pointers to more digital information. In the past, they have pointed to UPC values in a database, but now their abilities have expanded to much more. The next generation of barcode, the 2D Barcodes could become as ubiquitous as blue hyperlinks as on the web—only time will tell.

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