Week #163

Friday, March 28th, 02014

Another busy and interesting week, 163 is wild and crazy number. A few set-backs, but we’ve launched our new project: analog.is

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Meyrin: CERN Terminal Font

Wednesday, March 26th, 02014

As part of the lime-mode browser hack day at CERN, we tried to simulate the original command line browser. As part of that task, we recreated the original terminal screen font.

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Week #161-162

Friday, March 21st, 02014

Our weeknotes tend to drift to fortnightlynotes, but we’re trying to reign that in a bit.

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Semi-Spimed Bananas

Tuesday, March 18th, 02014

You got spimes in my banana! A really simple way to track and see where your food originated and the beginnings of something much larger.

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In Rainbows

Tuesday, March 11th, 02014

A republishing of a now defunct website and blog. This was very inspirational to the whole deterministic design and color creation we use.

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