Week #161-162

Friday, March 21st, 02014 at 21:12 UTC

The last two weeks have flown-by. 161 is a palindrome, and we are very fond of palindromes around here. “go hang a salami i’m a lasagna hog”! 161 is also the name of a main belt asteroid called 161 Athor with an estimated diameter of 30 miles. 162 on the other hand isn’t as interesting a number.

We’ve spent these last two weeks working on several internal administrative issues. Going over the finances and updating our projected hourly rate. We’re are pretty rigorous about time tracking, so we have a good sense of where our time goes as well as what percentage is billable. We’ve review the last 6 months or so of our effort along side extra expenses. All this is being factored into a new hourly rate. Taxes were also due this week, so we spent some time sorting out receipts and expenses.

We’re all probably sick of talking about it, but still deep in the world of surveys. Four major surveys are currently running and will complete in the next few weeks – pending teacher strikes.

The Mosfell and Virkisfell projects have been taken off the shelf, dusted and put into full production these weeks. We’re hoping to have something more substantial to show off in the next few weeks. This is our foray into more B2C style products.

We’re also on the cusp of launching our Kickstarter project for analog.is Almost everything is ready, we just need to finish one more prototype before launching. You can always visit analog.is and see what we’re up to.

Awhile ago, we wrote a short story about Spimes and a follow-up of some of our sources of inspiration. This week we found a Finish company which is Uber for Busses. You can call a bus and be collected on a route. We have this example in the story. Strange how Art copies Life and Life copies Art.

The story about Spimes got us a speaking slot at a local conference. The videos are online. We did two sessions, a 30 minute version of a talk about the Internet of Things and a 5 minute IoT talk.

We’ve also raided the toy chest and dug out all our early consumer connected devices. From old Pokens to a Violet Mir:ror, Raspberry Pi, Ardino and various peripherals. We’ve been experimenting with a new idea that we hope can get far enough to show off the results.