Week #163

Friday, March 28th, 02014 at 21:12 UTC

The number 163 is a number that seems to get around. The domain 163.com is currently the 35th most popular site on the internet. It is a Chinese news portal of some kind. 163 also shares it’s name with an astroid called 163 Erigone which passed between Earth and the start Regulus which is about 78 light years away. The resulting shadow cast on Earth passed over New York City where people might have seen the star wink out for as long as 14 seconds.

Our week #163 was probably just as impressive! We launched our long awaiting project analog.is on Kickstarter trying to raise some funds to print the first series of notebooks.

The project will run for a month, but you should get your pledge in soon!

We’ve also been working on survey collection and ironing out some issues around reporting of the results. These are never difficult tasks, but when you start to deal with 150,000+ rows of results, the import, export and computing times means the feedback loops take a while.

This week is also Design March here in Reykjavik, and we’ve been exploring some of the events. From gallery openings, to runways shows, to conferences, to exhibitions, it has been an exciting and interesting few days.


As LED lights are making their appearance everywhere, what will happen to the neon sign?

How about a machine that vends custom Oreo Cookies? The most impressive part of this whole demonstration is the affordances of the screen between you and the machine and how it is used to highlight the progress of the cookie’s creation.

The 02013 dConstruct conference ended with the brilliant comedian Adam Buxton. You can watch the presentation. It is well worth the time.