02022 TIL

A look back at 365 days of news in 02022.

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Week #605 & #606

In the year 00605, King Æthelfrith annexes the neighboring kingdom of Deira and the region between the Forth and Humber rivers was to be known as Northumbria. This week also shares its name with 605 Juvisia, a minor planet with a rotation of 15.93h, Interstate 605 (San Gabriel River Freeway) a 27mi freeway running through Los Angeles, and the US 605 Phone Area […]

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Week #572, #573, #574

A triple weeknote to get caught-up and back on the writing horse!

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Week #561 & #562

A double weeknote as we go into and out of quarantine. Still, we managed to get some tasks completed.

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Material Delays

It’s been 18 month since we had to cancel material conference. With no end in sight for COVID, we haven’t found our replacement date.

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