The Albatross Necklace 2.0

Place was the theme for the second issue of Scroll Magazine. This article was my first attempt at discussing Place and how it effects our lives. The article that was run was very different than this, but here it is in it’s original form in all it’s nonsensical glory.

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Maps with the road coloring problem

The road coloring problem builds an algorithm so that at any given point in the graph you can use the exact same set of instructions to get to the destination point. It is possible to model destinations within a city as nodes in a graph. So what would a road coloring look like for tourists and would it be useful?

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Introducing: The PaperNet

The PaperNet is an attempt at surfing the web on paper rather than a computer. Connecting the digital world to the tactile world of paper is not only possible, but in many respects is a better experience than on a computer screen. The ability to print-on-demand, customized paperNet browsers to suit your needs demonstrates the flexibility of Internet data on a printed medium.

This article looks at some paperNet examples, how they are use, how they can be extended and how they can reshape existing attempts at information dissemination.

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