Diatom Map Art

Tuesday, November 15th, 02016

You know that feeling when you think you’ve seen this before? History and art tend to repeat themselves in ideas, but just in a new context with a new focus.

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Gestalten: A Map of the World

Tuesday, May 14th, 02013

The publisher Gestalten asked permission to print a few of our projects in their newest book, A Map of the World. It is a beautiful book full of wonderous maps from various artists around the world.

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City Swatches

Tuesday, April 26th, 02011

City Swatches are quick and simple thumbnails of geographic locations, usually cities of similar latitudes and longitudes. Laying out all the city swatches gives a quick and interesting overview of any locations place in the larger scheme of the entire globe.

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HLS World Map

Monday, December 13th, 02010

There are several algorithms out there to programatically generate a color from text, but this takes it one step further and generates a color based on a physical location.

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Geonames Maps

Monday, June 28th, 02010

Using geonames’ free data set and a few quick lines of scripting, it was possible to convert a table of boring data in to a sovereign country. Even on a blank page, the borders are distinctly visible without the need to draw them explicitly.

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Sections: Cartography

Maps are historically one of the most important and politically charged objects mankind has created. From raiding pirates not boarding for treasure, but for maps, to sovereign nations using maps to promotes ideologies and extend their territories on paper.

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