Working online, you end-up trying to bridge communities across many different cultures, people and places. Sometimes more successfully than others. These are a list of articles about having to deal with communities and growing pains.


Lethal T-Shirt!

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. I saw an interesting t-shirt which lead to an interesting experiment in crowd sourcing to get a new design. As with every good idea, it endeds-up on a t-shirt.

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Being passionate for your work

Successful companies are the ones who are truly passionate and care about their product and customers. You can see that shine through with companies like TypeKit and FontDeck. They live and breath their passion and it is reflected on the quality of their work.

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1,000 year game challenge!

The official submissions for the 1,000 year game state that the rules should not be longer than 1,000 words. Since this was my first foray into game design, I also wanted to publish my thoughts and some of my decisions.

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Millennium Saga

The Millennium Saga is a game which takes 1,000 years to complete. This is my submission to the Thousand Year Game competition. The idea is to get the players to think in the long term, and poetry which takes 1,000 years of compromise, revision and history certain forces you avoid short-term gains.

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Poisonous People

As your community expands, you’ll certainly have to deal with the associated growing pains. One issue that can be detrimental to the health of your community are poisonous people. Whether they know it or not, they can bring a healthy community to a standstill. Learn how to spot and deal with these types of folks before it’s too late.

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