Week #204

More meetings than days of the week is how we are starting out the new year. Right into potential projects and coöperations.

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Lethal T-Shirt!

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. I saw an interesting t-shirt which lead to an interesting experiment in crowd sourcing to get a new design. As with every good idea, it endeds-up on a t-shirt.

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Fast, Cheap, Good—Pick Two

Inspired by a talk and a few cliché sightings, I decided to create my own stylized triangular t-shirt design. This article details the background, process and final product available for purchase and/or download.

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Protected Cultural Property

On May 14, 1954 the Hague Convention set out to prevent the destruction of culturally important artifacts. In the aftermath of the second world war where many of Europe’s cultural and social works of art and history were destroyed, something needed to be done to prevent this from happening again.

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