Omnibus 02014

A look back over 02014’s articles with any updates and new discoveries since they were written.

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Week 169-170-171

Another lapse on our part to get our weeknotes out on a weekly basis. Lots in the pipes and with summer coming, we promise more time to get back to writing.

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Week #143-144

A little over 13,400km (8300 miles) travelled this fortnight. What an adventure and busy two weeks.

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How dark is your data shadow?

Every transaction we make creates a shadow about ourselves. When we use the ATM, we leave a small piece or ourselves behind in the means of a time stamp, a withdrawal in a database, a location. As capture and storage costs asymptotically approach zero, it is easier to just keep everything rather than selectively choose what to trash. The more we do in this electronic world, the larger and darker our shadow becomes and the more potential for data leakage and problems arising.

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Introducing: The PaperNet

The PaperNet is an attempt at surfing the web on paper rather than a computer. Connecting the digital world to the tactile world of paper is not only possible, but in many respects is a better experience than on a computer screen. The ability to print-on-demand, customized paperNet browsers to suit your needs demonstrates the flexibility of Internet data on a printed medium.

This article looks at some paperNet examples, how they are use, how they can be extended and how they can reshape existing attempts at information dissemination.

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