Omnibus 02015

Sunday, January 3rd, 02016 at 12:21 UTC

Over the last 12 months, we’ve managed to publish a measly three articles and lots more weeknotes. There are 107 articles in our drafts folder, some just a title others something almost completed. There is no excuse for only managing three posts.

On the brighter side, this year’s Quarterly Contest went well. We gave away several paper related products and prototypes, three of the four going to German speaking countries and the last to the USA. For 02016, we’re putting the contest on hold, but will resume in 02017.

02015 was to be the year of paper. We did some paper projects, but not as many as we intended. We have some tyvek and created a few interesting notebook prototypes, but nothing to the extent we planned. 02016 looks too busy to promise anything either, but all these books, ideas, prototypes all get collected, piled-up until, eventually there is a breakthrough. We can’t say when that will be, but we can feel something bubbling away.


This year was very limited travel. Most of the projects were close at home, but we did manage to make it to the UK, to London, Brighton and Manchester. Some for conferences, others for meetings. We also had a short hop to the USA to NYC for a conference. That was a whirl-wind trip which we’ll be doing again in March, but this time to San Jose. Otherwise, no major travel planned for 02016. In fact, we rather have you come see us and we’re working on a good reason to visit.

What to expect in 02016

It will be a quiet year. We have a few contracts that take-up most of our time. Which is good because it keeps us funded, but limits what we can discuss. One thing we are doing more of in 02016 for sure, is prototyping. We have listed out three internal projects we want to focus on. By limiting ourselves to just those, we have a better chance of actually finishing them as well as keeping focus on making them successful. The first revolves around tools for the Apple TV. There is a longer write-up about this project soon. We hate that we have todo this, but there are opportunities and limitations which make it interesting. Our second project is around some physical products. Similar to our old lampshades we discussed in weeks 181-182, but different materials and uses. Our third project is still in development and will be the reason we want you to come see us and enjoy Iceland this year.

All of these things will be explained more in-depth over the next few months. We’re excited and want you to be too.