Omnibus 02016

Monday, January 16th, 02017 at 14:41 UTC

This year we managed to write 6 articles, up from 3 the previous year. Still below the volume and quality that we’d like to be producing on a regular basis.


Over the last year, we’ve tried to write some weeknotes about each week. Although, sometimes it might be a roll-up of a few weeks at a time. We managed to post 19 weeknotes articles. That’s 2.73 weeks per article on average. Not bad, but we can do better in 02017.

iOS Apps

02016 saw us release 3 iOS apps; Red Days, Triagemail and Dashbones. We’ve got one almost ready to go in 02017 and I’m sure more on the way.


In 02016, we didn’t do that much traveling. We mostly gave workshops for the O’Reilly Strata conference which brought us to London, New York and San Jose.

For 02017, we’ll be giving a workshop in San Jose for O’Reilly Strata conference again, then everything is quiet for the rest of the year.

What to expect in 02017

We can expect to try a few new and interesting projects this year. We’re looking to get conference back off the ground and try to do a bit more publishing. Either around some of the older blog posts or as a completely new concept. We’re back on the hunt for new projects and clients too. Some of our old clients went bankrupt, so it is difficult to get more work from them in 02017. We are also part of a small team who’ve made a big pitch to some big players. Amazingly, it went really well. So well that we made it all the way to the top pitching and we’re heading back down through the legal department. The good news is that everyone’s been impressed, but that doesn’t mean there’s a deal yet. Things take time, but this could become a big focus for us this year.