Omnibus 02017

Monday, January 15th, 02018 at 15:51 UTC

This year we didn’t managed to write a single articles or manage any weeknotes. That makes it easy to do better in 02018 because the bar is so low.

iOS Apps

02017 saw us release 2 iOS apps; Floræ and Shipping Forecast. We also created a watch app for a workout company, which we can’t talk about yet. Then there are a few simple apps we’ve been toying with for awhile which will probably see the light of day in 02018.

We are still big fans of the web, and when it can be a website it is, but right now we’re interested also in the nooks and crannies where the web isn’t (yet), like sensors, health data, wearables, notifications and more.


In 02017, we didn’t do that much traveling. We gave a workshop for the O’Reilly Strata conference in San Jose. While there we had a few additional meetings. Then in late 02017, we made the trip to Chattanooga Tennessee to teach a few days at CenterCentre.

Nothing is planned for 02018 yet, but we’re sure something will come-up in the later-half of the year.

What to expect in 02018

In November 02018, we’re hosting our second edition of Material Conference. It was a great experience in 02017 and we want to keep the momentum going. We already know this will be a year with many holes in it, but when you expect that, you can atleast plan better. We have one solid client we’re working with 2 days a week (40% time) and along with that plenty of opportunities. Internally, we’ve been developing a few ideas, mostly around exploring more AR and VR experiences. We like the idea, but something isn’t quite there yet and maybe 02018 is the year things fall into place.


In May of 02018, the General Data Protection Regulation kicks in and it will be interesting to see how that will all play out. With penalties of up to 4% of your revenue, it is a serious infraction of you can’t comply. Luckily, most of our projects we’re not doing anything that would require changes. None of our apps are tracking your actions, putting you in A/B tests or even collecting device identifiers for push notifications! Other services we provide do track personal data in the form of survey responses, so we’ve been cleaning-up and reviewing why we are saving what we do. We realised that some timestamps break anonymity and aren’t necessary. Little things like this are getting corrected so we can make sure we’re the best possible system for our customers and their’s.