Vertical Slices

Tuesday, May 11th, 02010

What if we froze this moment in time it constantly was replaying over and over again, but you could move freely around and see it from any angle. How would that change your perspective, your outlook and the decisions you would make?

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Intrastellar Communications

Wednesday, December 16th, 02009

As we explore our solar system, the biggest determent to communication speed won’t be the bandwidth, but the latency. As bandwidth gets larger and larger, we’ll quickly become aware of the real bottleneck in the network. There is an upper bound limit to the response time, the speed of light, which cannot be broken. There are ways to get around this, but they are hacks at best and can certainly be improved.

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Welcome, the entire land

Thursday, December 3rd, 02009

Hieroglyphs where used for over 3000 years by the Ancient Egyptians. Luckily, they are still studied and researched today, otherwise I couldn’t enlist others’ help in my crazy follies.

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PST is the new GMT

Thursday, October 22nd, 02009

Before the adoption of the prime meridian time and time zones were very imprecise. This week is the anniversary of codifying these time zone offsets which in an instant made the world a smaller place.

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Future predicting: What might happen in the next hundred years?

Saturday, May 9th, 02009

This is an article that ran in the December 1900 issue of Ladies Home Journal. It was predicting life 100 years into the future in the year 2001. The following is that article annotated with notes about how close or far off they really were with their predictions.

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