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Week #148-149

A busy two weeks saw some interesting blog posts as well as a crazy umbrella design and jukeboxes.

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Color Symbols

Alternative symbols for colors is a very interesting idea. Offering a non-color based solution for conveying information is always interesting. There are plenty of solutions including thickness, styles or even shape. That’s exactly what colorAdd does, offer shaped alternatives.

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Spimes: A Happy Birthday Story

Over a year ago, Mike Stenhouse and I wrote and pitched a small piece of design fiction around Spimes. We anchored the discussion around one man’s birthday. In the year since, we’ve flushed out the story a bit more, but it is also amazing how many of these gadgets now exist.

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Week #146-147

These last two weeks have been launch focused. Getting some software that has been months in development finally get the green light. Lots of surprises and delights this week too, from postcards to oranges.

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