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Professional Oaths

The word “profession” comes from the Latin “professus”, meaning to “affirm publicly”. Is it time to bring more written oaths of conduct into our professions to keep the quality of our work as high as possible?

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Poisonous People

As your community expands, you’ll certainly have to deal with the associated growing pains. One issue that can be detrimental to the health of your community are poisonous people. Whether they know it or not, they can bring a healthy community to a standstill. Learn how to spot and deal with these types of folks before it’s too late.

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A few things you might not have known about email

Sometimes email is considered a Web 1.0 technology, when in fact it predates the web. SMTP is part of the most basic plumbing on the net and has several advantages over newer, faster, “real-time” interactions.

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