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Maps with the road coloring problem

The road coloring problem builds an algorithm so that at any given point in the graph you can use the exact same set of instructions to get to the destination point. It is possible to model destinations within a city as nodes in a graph. So what would a road coloring look like for tourists and would it be useful?

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Introduction to Prediction Markets

When you gather a suitably diverse group of people together, ask them a question and average their answers, the result tends to be more accurate than the result of any one person including experts. The implication of this, is that the crowd as a whole can make better informed judgements than traditional experts. There just needs to be an ideal way to extract those tiny bits of relative information from individuals in a consistent manner. Enter the prediction market.

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Hacking Sleep

After a month of experimenting with Polyphasic sleep, there was much learnt about the process, what to expect, possible gains and drawbacks.

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