Week #612-#613

A double weeknote where we go cold turkey off Twitter and don’t really miss it.

Lots of little projects starting to fall into place and a few big ones in the planning.

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Week #585 & #586

A double weeknote where we pick-up a lot of random projects and explore the fediverse possibilities.

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Week #458, 459, 460

A triple weeknote. We’ve been under the weather, thanksgiving holidays and lots of little tasks all made it hard to get the time and energy to get some weeknotes out the door.

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Business Metrics

Looking back at what metrics we track to see if things are progressing, we boiled it down to the three first and most important aspects of starting a business.

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Tricking the Stock Market

One idea for a futuristic short-story we’ve been kicking around has turned out to not be so futuristic. As technology begins to dominate our lives and interactions, strange things begin to happen. Instant interactions we didn’t expect along with strange consequences. For those who know how to harness these feedback loops, there is an opportunity to exploit the system, just like there always has. This time it is digital and instantaneous.

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