Week #607, #608, #609

A triple weeknote because last Friday the office was closed. Week #607 This week’s namesakes are: number 607 is a prime number and sum of three consecutive primes (197 + 199 + 211) and 607 Jenny, a minor planet. This week was lots of internal tasks. We worked more on the Hyperion project and update […]

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eSIM only iPhone

With the launch of the iPhone14, the writing is on the wall for SIM cards. While that’s great for somethings, Iceland’s Single Sign-On service is about to break!

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Week #605 & #606

In the year 00605, King Æthelfrith annexes the neighboring kingdom of Deira and the region between the Forth and Humber rivers was to be known as Northumbria. This week also shares its name with 605 Juvisia, a minor planet with a rotation of 15.93h, Interstate 605 (San Gabriel River Freeway) a 27mi freeway running through Los Angeles, and the US 605 Phone Area […]

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Week #603 & #604

A double weeknote covering lots of backend server changes in our future.

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Week #601 & #602

A double week note as we are getting back into our publishing stride.

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