Week #454-455

Friday, November 1st, 02019

Another double weeknote. We’re still settling in, mostly focusing the last two weeks on one stealth project, with lots of paper links teasing us.

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Week #451, 452, 453

Friday, October 18th, 02019

A triple weeknote as we play catch-up on a few big changes.

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Week #449-450

Monday, September 30th, 02019

Publishing a double weeknote since Sept 20th was an international walkout for protesting climate change.

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Week #448

Friday, September 13th, 02019

This has been our getting organised week. Planing, cleaning and meetings all prepping for more free-time in October to start new projects.

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Week #447

Friday, September 6th, 02019

We fell off the weeknote wagon, but are getting back on again!

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A brief overview of what’s been happening in the company each week. The number of the weeknote is how many weeks old the company is since inception.

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