A brief overview of what’s been happening in the company each week. The number of the weeknote is how many weeks old the company is since inception.


Week #502

A week dominated by great meetings, new opportunities and some interesting ideas.

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Week #501

A quick weeknote. There were lots of tech events this week, all of which we kept an eye on as they impact our projects in some way or another.

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Week #487-500

We’re back from a long summer holiday and a bunch of tasks apon return. So this is a quadruple weeknote to make-up for it.

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Week #492

Our last weeknote before the summer holidays. A week with a bunch of new leads and interesting discoveries.

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Week #488-489-490-491

Another quadruple weeknote. Lots has been happening and it seems like Fridays end-up being too busy, but we managed to write this recap.

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