A brief overview of what’s been happening in the company each week. The number of the weeknote is how many weeks old the company is since inception.


Week #514

A look back over the week. This will be the last weeknote for 02020 as we’re relaxing over the holidays.

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Week #511, #512, #513

Three busy weeks of wrangling data, meetings and deadlines. Well worth the effort if just a few of these projects pan out.

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Week #510

A busy week, we’re almost back on track.

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Week #508 & #509

A double weeknote, with the first week as pretty much a write-off due to 🇺🇸 elections. But getting back up to speed and digging out of our hole.

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Week #505, 506, 507

A triple weeknote covering a bunch of ground over the last 21 days!

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