The art of storytelling precedes the written word. As people have sat around the fire for thousands of years, the story has been the central source of information decimation. No matter what the technology might be in the future, the underlying story is still crtical.


Calendar Business Cards

As a challenge, is it possible to re-invent the year calendar through a different lens? Rather than appointments, red days or other events, what if we put the days of the week first rather than the number? Then, to top it all off, what if you had to fit it onto a business card? This articles walks you through the process, the pitfalls and links to some code so you can make your own designs.

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Titanic: Behind the numbers

100 years ago, the RMS Titanic set of on her maiden voyage only to strike tragedy two days later. If we look at the passenger list, what sort of additional information can be gleaned from the data?

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1,000 year game challenge!

The official submissions for the 1,000 year game state that the rules should not be longer than 1,000 words. Since this was my first foray into game design, I also wanted to publish my thoughts and some of my decisions.

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Millennium Saga

The Millennium Saga is a game which takes 1,000 years to complete. This is my submission to the Thousand Year Game competition. The idea is to get the players to think in the long term, and poetry which takes 1,000 years of compromise, revision and history certain forces you avoid short-term gains.

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The Monkey and the Wizard

Journey to the West is regarded as one of the four great Chinese classics. Many stories have lifted a similar premise of the travelers’ tale, but aren’t quite the same. There are striking similarities and difference when looking at the story line of Monkey when compared to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Both of which are very popular tales. But how can we apply this narrative structure in other endeavors such as game design?

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