Paper Calendars

Wednesday, August 27th, 02014

Staying organized means knowing what is ahead of you. The simplest way we’ve managed to keep-up with requests, new projects and deadlines are simple paper calendars. You can run the world on a page a day calendar.

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Week #183-184

Friday, August 22nd, 02014

Our fortnightly update touches on a few of the projects we’ve been working on as well as our upcoming dConstruct appearance.

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Second Generation Usernames

Tuesday, August 12th, 02014

Will you name your children after you knowing that you’ve squatted on all the good usernames for online services and they can’t use them?

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Week #181-182

Sunday, August 10th, 02014

Another fortnight passes with lots of random and interesting things happening. We’ve had our head down these weeks to try and manage all the projects that we have up in the air right now. Many deadlines have passed and we’re proud of the results.

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