Week #179-180

Friday, July 25th, 02014

Amidst two busy weeks there has been plenty of lunar talk. None of our projects are about space, but we did find plenty of interesting links to other people’s.

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2014 World Cup Visualization

Monday, July 14th, 02014

With the World Cup finishing, there’s a lot of data out there to visualize. Here is our take on Goals scored and conceded, with all the PHP generating SVG code Open Sourced for you to play with.

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Week #178

Friday, July 11th, 02014

It is summertime and the livin’ is easy. We’ve spend some time this week building-up some prototypes, looking for vendors and researching.

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New York City, NY, USA

Monday, July 7th, 02014

New York City. With all its sights, sounds and smells there is so much to take-in in such a short amount of time.

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Week #177

Friday, July 4th, 02014

This week has been about hustling. Getting organized and working on proposals. It is a fine balance to find where your next invoice will come from and doing the work. The freelancer’s hunter/gatherer life-style hit hard this week.

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