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Intrastellar Communications

As we explore our solar system, the biggest determent to communication speed won’t be the bandwidth, but the latency. As bandwidth gets larger and larger, we’ll quickly become aware of the real bottleneck in the network. There is an upper bound limit to the response time, the speed of light, which cannot be broken. There are ways to get around this, but they are hacks at best and can certainly be improved.

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Welcome, the entire land

Hieroglyphs where used for over 3000 years by the Ancient Egyptians. Luckily, they are still studied and researched today, otherwise I couldn’t enlist others’ help in my crazy follies.

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Þjóðfundur 02009: data mining a government

On November 14th, 02009, 1200+ Icelanders came together to discuss their vision for the future of their nation. As they spent the day discussion and jotting down their ideas, all of their data was catalogued and index. This information has been made freely available to anyone to further augment, visualize and mine it for more information. So we did.

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7 Stages of a Mythic Adventure

As we build more and more products revolving around a community and a base of loyal customers, how do you turn first-time users into experts without losing them along the way?

One way to create an engaging experience is to formulate the ideas as a journey where the customer explores and slowly becomes an expert. This is just one model of a possible journey broken down into 7 mythic stages.

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PST is the new GMT

Before the adoption of the prime meridian time and time zones were very imprecise. This week is the anniversary of codifying these time zone offsets which in an instant made the world a smaller place.

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