Polyphasic Sleep

Most people experience monophasic sleep on a regular basis, they sleep for a single long block of time each night. Some cultures indulge in polyphasic sleep, were you sleep multiple times a day, much like a siesta or a nap. Polyphasic sleep can go as extreme only 2 hours a day by reducing your sleep to just 20 minutes every 4 hours. This article is my experiment into polyphasic sleep, how I prepared and the advice I was given.

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Cola Wars Redux

Is it really possible to tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi? If you are a life long Coke fan, will you succumb to the sip-test? Even though the Cola Wars are long behind us, has it made any difference? With New Coke, Crystal Pepsi and many others being casualties are we really that fickle about our soda or is it possible to be a life-long, die-hard fan and be able to pass a double blind taste test. I wanted to find out.

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