02012 Annual Report

Throughout all of 02012, we kept track of our hours and to which client and the type of work. It wasn’t easy and we probably missed a bunch of items here and there, but we’ll continue because we see the value. The reason we started all of this was due to not knowing if the business was making money or losing it. You can improve what you aren’t measuring. This is a glimpse of how we spent our time in 02012, some of the numbers are surprising, even for us!

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Omnibus 02012

The 02012 round-up. The Mayans were wrong and the world did not end, which is good for us, because the last year has been phenomenal and the next one is shaping up to be even better.

Let’s have a look back and some of the articles and events in 02012 and update you on anything you may have missed.

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