Week #614 & #615

Friday, November 25th, 02022 at 13:31 UTC

Week #614

This week share’s its namesake with the year 614, the first year that never happened. According to the Phantom Time Hypothesis, 297 years were added to make the Holy Roman Emperor exactly 1000 A.D. It also has a celestial namesake in 614 Pia, a minor planet between Mars and Jupiter and Torsätra runestone, cataloged as runic inscription U 614.

The week we really felt 🐘 Mastodon started to pick-up. We setup a personal account on the local Icelandic instance: Loðfíll.is and have been enjoying that a lot. For the company, we’re waiting to setup not a full mastodon setup, but something simpler for a single account like microblog.pub We don’t need multiple account for people to just follow the company.

We sent out the 11th episode of the ⪮Good Morning newsletter. You can learn how to peal a mandarin into the shape of a rabbit!

We started an Australian project for more plumbers. We do a lot of integrations with the Xero.com software. This allows companies’ employees to log time easier and/or for companies to get a better P&L overview as a webpage and/or weekly digest email. We are adding value to the data already inside Xero by making it more accessible and easier to understand.

This week was a major Hyperion milestone deadline. We managed to get most of our contributions into the project and everything else was in good shape. Now we wait for feedback and start on the next milestone in week #616.

The non-highlights reel

We tend to compare ourselves to others’ highlight reels, because that’s all we ever see from them publicly. We thought it was important to talk about our non-highlights reel too.

We are getting back into submitting articles to various publications. It is a great way to get your name and projects to be discovered beyond the usual circle of friends. Our recent article pitch about the science center project at the decommissioned power station was declined. Not because it wasn’t interesting or good, but it was just one of many outstanding articles (they tell us 😜) and there is only so much room in a print magazine.

We also finally got an answer about a big project run around. We pitched this project to old friends back in March, then got invited to a bigger internal pitch in June. Then it fell quiet for many months, even after we were trying to find another date for another internal pitch. It seems like we missed the boat, and probably had already missed it in June. We’re disappointed, but are assured there are more opportunities in the future. What we demoed was beyond what they had planned, but it seems that their deadlines had already passed.

Week #615

This week’s namesakes include 615 Roswitha and Soviet Project 615 Submarine called the Quebec-class submarine.

This week contained US Thanksgiving, so everything was quiet on the North American projects. That gave us some free time to work on our own internal projects. We spent some time developing the Castlemilk project. We’ve got it in a good shape and now we’re continue to flush out the details and all the equations.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get as much time as we had wanted this week due to sicknesses passing through again. It’s that time of year again, so not much you can do.


Six years ago, in 02016, we wrote about some super interesting blocks: Allemaal Artis. Sold locally in the Netherlands, these wooden 40 cubes had various geometric designs painted on the sides. When placed together, they made amazing animal sculptures.

Nine years ago, back in 02013, it was week #145. Reading back over the weeknote, it was less about projects and more about Food, from Restaurant Day to Cheese made from human celebrity bacteria.

13 years ago, Iceland held a “National Meeting” and we participated by using our natural language tools to help analysis some of the discussion.


We had a look at our referrers in the server logs and found these two interesting links:

Ooh Directory is an old school links directory a la Yahoo circa 1996. We went to submit ourselves and found we were already on the list: https://ooh.directory/blogs/economics/companies/

We also had some referrers from Hacker News, so we had a look at what people have posted there. The most recent was our Color Name Abstractions: https://hn.algolia.com/?q=optional.is