Week #145

Friday, November 22nd, 02013 at 15:51 UTC

Week #145 is one of those weeks where you don’t know where the time went. The number 145 isn’t as interesting as others, but keeping with the asteroid theme, 145 Adeona is a large main belt asteroid with a diameter of around 150km. There are a family of asteroids names after this particular rock.

This week was spent mostly planning for the next few months of Vísar survey projects. The current survey will wrap-up next week and we’re sorting out all the details of what happens when we need to generate reports as well as archive the information. We discussed our current plan in the Survey Archive post. One of the items we completely forgot about was the server logs. With our current setup, we don’t have such logs, but we’re looking into keeping that additional metadata incase we need to review survey load or replay any visitor patterns.

We’ve also started planning a few new projects. Two of which are mini-events we’d like to see, one food related other legalese. It is still too early to talk too much about them, but we’re in the planning stages.

At the start of week, or maybe the end of week 144, was International Restaurant Day. Our friends created their own pop-up eatery called Sumendi. Which is Basque for Volcano (literally meaning Fire Mountain, similar to Icelandic’s Eldfjall). We helped in the kitchen organize and scrub dishes in return for us having a taste. The results were amazing and we’re looking forward to helping with the next edition.


Mount Etna is erupting again, but this time the magma has changed the shape of the volcano’s exhaust tube. The result is that the eruption is creating mesmerizing smoke rings.

Since this is a food related week, we’ll finish-up with some cheese made from human bacteria. It seems the boffins at Trinity College Dublin have created a cheese derived from several famous people. It is an interesting art exhibit to say the least. From tears, to noses to belly buttons, bacteria was harvested and used to help milk become cheese.